CCM3 Action: Empower. Connect. Cure.

An Angioma Alliance Action Group

CCM3 Action connects people affected by the ultra-rare Cerebral Cavernous Malformation 3 genetic mutation. Fewer than 100 people worldwide have been diagnosed with this genetic mutation.

Our mission is to create a supportive community, provide opportunities for quality treatment, and accelerate research toward a cure.

If you or your family member have been diagnosed with the CCM3 genetic mutation, we ask that you use our Talk To Us form to contact us as soon as possible. 

CCM3 Action hosts a Facebook group CCM3 Community, where affected individuals and their families support each other and announcements about new programs or science are made.  This group is “Secret” which, at this time, means membership is restricted to CCM3 families, the group is not visible by searching on Facebook, and the membership list is not visible to anyone on Facebook.  If you or your family qualify for membership and would like to join, please post a comment stating so on our public CCM3 Action Facebook page.

What is CCM3?

What is CCM3?

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